What Celtic Zodiac does The Bull represent?

large Scottish bull being grass fed by hand - image by Charles Wollertz

Welcome to the magical realm of the Celtic animal zodiac, where your astrological adventure is about to get delightfully wild!

Picture yourself as the mighty bull, embodying strength, determination, and a deep connection to the earth. With your feet firmly planted on the ground, you charge through life's challenges with unwavering resilience and a steadfast spirit.

Whether you're stubbornly forging ahead like a bull in a china shop or gently guiding others with your wisdom and stability, your presence is as powerful as the thundering hooves of a herd on the move.

So, join the stampede of celestial creatures and let the bull within you lead the way to adventure and discovery in the whimsical world of the Celtic animal zodiac!



The Bull - April 15 to May 12:

Symbolises determination, stability, and a strong sense of purpose.

  • Determination: Bulls are known for their tenacity and determination. Those born under this sign may exhibit a strong will, persistence, and a steadfast approach to achieving their goals.
  • Stability: Bulls symbolise stability and a grounded nature. Individuals with this Celtic zodiac sign may have a solid foundation, providing reliability and support to those around them.
  • Strength: Bulls are powerful creatures, and individuals born under this sign may possess physical and emotional strength. They may tackle challenges with vigour and resilience.
  • Sense of Purpose: The Bull zodiac sign suggests a strong sense of purpose and direction in life. Those with this sign may have a clear vision and pursue their goals with unwavering focus. 



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Blog image - Large Scottish Bull being grass fed by hand - Charles Wollertz